Gaetan Hug

System Architect Smart Products

These days, innovating involves ever more disciplines diverging further from your core business. Through a multidisciplinary perspective, I can dive deep in your application domain and help you bridge the gap towards automated, intelligent, and digitized systems. The result can be either a proof-of-concept development to de-risk aspects of the innovation, an incremental approach defining innovation steps or a system architecture.


  • Systems engineering
  • Mechatronic software engineering 
  • Computer vision and imaging systems

Work experience 

I started my career as a software engineer in a hi-tech company developing custom test and measurement systems, gaining experience in the multiple aspects of mechatronic software engineering. My focus then shifted towards system architecture and integration of complex robotic and automation system with strong interactions with biological samples.
At Sirris I help companies to automate manual processes by developing mechatronic systems and setting up innovation plans.


  • BSc Microengineering – HEIG-VD - 2012

Fun fact

My great-grandfather was an electro-mechanical calculator designer at the beginning of the 1900s. He had just completed a prototype including square root calculation at the time the company stopped all activity at the end of the sixties.  

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