Eco-production: take the plunge

You have an idea for developing new products or you want to make optimum use of clean technology. Are you wondering if there is a market, and if so, how to develop it? Are you wondering how your production processes can support your sales strategy effectively?

A production process consumes energy; is energy the only criterion to take into account? How can you improve the efficiency of your manufacturing process?

We can help you to

  1. take advantage of the opportunities offered by Eco-markets and clean technology, as well as
    1. Identify and validate the drivers of a market for an environmentally friendly product/service;
    2. Draw up a business plan for this product/service;
    3. Define your Eco-manufacturing strategy;
    4. Determine the optimum energy profile for the company or a pool of machines.
  2. improve the efficiency of your production and design processes and
    1. Rapidly identify the major impacts of your products, including your production process, on the environment;
    2. Optimise a product's energy consumption parameters on a machine;
    3. Make the best choice of machine according to its energy consumption, etc.;
    4. Simulate a process based on the machine's characteristics in order to predict its energy consumption;
    5. Identify product development strategies when designing your products in an eco-friendly way;
    6. Select a PDM, ERP and information catalogue;
    7. Integrate life cycle analysis software into your design process.


Eco-production consists in integrating new environmental protection criteria into the operations of manufacturing companies both at a strategic and economic level and for product production and development processes. Not only does this integration require the acquisition of additional skills, it also requires changes in the organisation. This implies a shift in company culture, which must move from exclusively productive to eco-productive.