Composites, more than a matter of choice

There is a growing demand for lightweight components in sectors including transport, engineering, construction and consumer products. This demand mirrors both social and technological trends regarding energy efficiency, performance, design freedom, functionality and cost effectiveness over the long term. Composite materials can seamlessly meet all demands required for lightweight components.


  • Making the right choices is the key to making the breakthrough of lightweight components being made from composite materials, both before, during and after use.
  • Product value, product costs, development costs and risks, as well as the recycling possibilities are difficult to estimate when talking about less known materials such as composites.
  • Moreover, the wide range of materials and processes makes selection even more difficult.
  • Designers and OEMs clearly require support when selecting and testing the economic and technical feasibility, as well as the sustainability of such solutions.
  • Recycling and processing the end of life products present both enormous challenges as well as opportunities.

In order to give you the opportunity to make sound and well-informed choices for composite materials through their life-cycle, the SLC-Lab and the experts in sustainability at Sirris will publish a series of white papers in which all the issues surrounding composites will be discussed in detail.

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