Ceramics are usually the best choice for extreme conditions over a long timespan and offer several advantages compared to metals. The main applications of technical ceramics are linked to one or more of these advantages. However, the high hardness of ceramics is also responsible for their main drawbacks. This is why additive manufacturing (AM) with ceramics can be challenging. Sirris drew up an e-book on the subject, which you can download now.

Since the beginning of 2000, Sirris has made developments in the domain of AM ceramics, on industrial demands or in the framework of several funded research projects. It has bundled its knowledge and experience in the field and from research in a new e-book.

In this book you will find further information on

  • the market
  • potential & opportunities
  • the AM processes most suitable for ceramics
  • industrial success stories
  • and more...

You can download this e-book on AM with ceramics now!