Dymo LabelWriter goes green

Global consumer goods company Newell Brands wanted to switch to a more ecological material for Dymo’s sticky label, used with its LabelWriter. Sirris’s Product Development Hub proposed to test various options.

Dymo is owned by Newell Brands, with an entity based in St-Niklaas. It has been in existence since 1958, designing, manufacturing and marketing on-demand labelling solutions. Today, the sticky label is still made of PVC and in the current circumstances of circular economy and climatic challenges, switching to a more ecological alternative obtrudes. That is why Newell asked Sirris to look into the matter and to find a substitute material.

The Product Development Hub proposed to test various materials, PLA (poly lactic acid) in particular, which is already widely used in FDM to make prototypes. Thanks to this expertise, we know that PLA wires have good ductility and also tend to bleach when subjected to stress. This also applies to ABS or HiPS, but unlike these materials, PLA is bio-sourced and bio-compostable.

Calibrated PLA sheets were made on our laboratory press and then cut into calibrated strips, after being coated with the coloured coating used by Newell. Each stage proved to be positive and we finally obtained a strip with quite acceptable characteristics, as can be seen in the image above.

The first UV aging tests have been carried out.