Do you have responsibility for students or host trainees? Secure your intellectual property.

What should be taken into consideration when a business takes on students or trainees who participate in innovative projects that generate value-added intellectual property?

Many companies recruit students to perform various tasks during the holidays. Employment contracts are a legal obligation but the employer would do well to specify in such contracts clauses concerning the company's intellectual property and necessary confidentiality.

Businesses also host students and trainees within the framework of final dissertations, theses or other assignments. Regulations are less pressing here, but it is recommended that a written contract is signed, often in triplicate (training supervisor  - trainees - school), for which clauses concerning intellectual property and confidentiality are carefully drafted, notably with regard to the publication/non-publication of student dissertations.

In the video (in French) presented by Sirris, Bert Spreuwers, lawyer at Agoria, we highlight the important points with regard to these matters.