Do we match?

Your passion and Sirris could be the perfect match! Sirris is continuously looking for new talents to boost the workforce. We are currently looking for several specific profiles for different departments.  

Just like our industry Sirris is also continuously investing in new applications and domains, to stay always one step ahead and help our businesses. In order to continue to do so in the future, we are looking for new talents, people who are passionate about technology and innovation, who with their knowledge and experience can help Belgian companies to get ahead in the technology sector. 

Together we turn innovation into success 

Working at Sirris is working in multidisciplinary and flexible teams. We innovate in close consultation with our companies in a strong and extensive network of knowledge centres and universities, on a national and international level.

At Sirris we want to expand boundaries by exploring new domains and developing concrete technological solutions for companies, time and time again. Our mission is to help companies make the right technological choices for sustainable economic growth. We are concretely working on the business, the products and factories of tomorrow, with the aim of helping the entire technological industry, making it more competitive and future-proof.  

According to employees

We asked Data Innovation Project Manager Caroline and Senior Project Manager Micro Products Denis what Sirris meant to them:

"Sirris is unique, I studied in France and Germany and have worked within a European context, but I’ve never come across an equivalent to Sirris."  (Caroline Mair)

"The larger part of what I know, I learned at Sirris. Every one of my colleagues are very competent and keen to share their knowledge. I really want to work here for as long as possible."
(Denis Vandormael)

Is this your profile?

Sirris is currently looking for several specific profiles for different departments. Our Mechatronics department urgently needs a Program Manager Mechatronics, a Senior Engineer Intelligent Machines and an Internet of Things (IoT) Engineer Smart Products. 

An overview of all vacancies is available here. 

Interested in participating in our Sirris story, but you do not directly meet one of the profiles we are looking for now? No problem, you are always welcome to submit an unsollicited application!