Discover the different approaches to data exploration

The Sirris Data and AI Competence Lab (EluciDATA Lab) is relaunching its mastercourse on 'Data Innovation'. In a series of pragmatic and industry-specific sessions and webinars, different aspects which enable data-driven innovation will be explored. We will kick things off with the webinar 'The importance of data exploration and hypothesis building' on 9 and 12 February. 

The Sirris Data and AI Competence Lab (EluciDATA Lab) 'Data Innovation' mastercourse provides pragmatic and industry-oriented training sessions and webinars that address the need for companies to innovate their products, services or technology based on data use. It will enable these companies, for example, to derive new insights from experimental data, to profile products and customers, optimise production processes, predict machine failure and set up data-oriented start-ups. 

The mastercourse cycle explains the various facets of data innovation in a number of sessions and webinars: it covers the data-science workflow in general, as well as specific topics with a focus on industrial applications of data science and artificial intelligence. Our first webinar covers the importance of data exploration. 

'The importance of data exploration and hypothesis building'

A clear picture of the business opportunities and a library of intelligent algorithms are not enough to develop a data-driven solution. A thorough understanding of the quality of the available data and relevant information it contains is equally important to derive viable working hypotheses about the underlying mechanisms of the problem under investigation. Are the data suitable for solving the business challenge? Are they of the right quality and nature? What data is missing? Do they show significant patterns and trends that can be exploited to better model and understand the problem under investigation? In this two-session webinar, various approaches to data exploration are discussed, with a particular focus on numerical and visual techniques. 

The two sessions of this webinar will take place on 9 and 12 February, each time from 9:30 to 12:00h. 

Interested? More information on the mastercourse, and the possibility to register, can be found here.

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