Digital servitisation - creating value with data-driven services

An increasing number of manufacturers are creating connected, ‘smart’ products that generate valuable usage data. These data can be used to create new, digital services, which help companies develop long-term relationships with customers. This process, where digital services are connected to physical products, is called digital servitisation. At Sirris, we have the expertise and facilities to get you started on the road to long-term digital value creation

The world of producing and managing goods is transforming into a world of digital services tied to goods. Airplane engine manufacturers like Rolls-Royce Aerospace, for example, don’t sell the engines themselves, but the power they provide. And Xerox, a company that once sold print and copy devices, is now offering ‘document management’ services. Clients don’t buy the products themselves, but pay a fixed recurring fee to enjoy the value they create.

How Sirris can help

Our multi-disciplinary approach makes Sirris the perfect guide on your journey to digital servitisation. Our experts can help you to master the various required skills and capabilities. 

  • Our experts from the Smart Connected Innovation Lab can help you with the integration of connectivity in your product.
  • Our data innovation team can help you with the infrastructure, collection and real-time analytics of data to understand how your product is used in the field, how you can maintain it, and how you can deliver value over its lifecycle
  • Our software team can help you with the software service design aspects
  • Re-engineering (disruptive) business and deployment models: starting with digital servitisation is more than a technological choice: it also implies a strategic shift for the company. New business models need to be implemented to enable new revenue streams. Or BOF team can assist you with this.  
What could digital servitisation mean for your company? How should you get started? What technology do you need? Tell us your idea, and we’ll help you turn it into reality.

Can you still see the wood for the trees when it comes to your digital possibilities? The Digital Journey Tracker helps you to get on the right track!