How can digital services enrich your product?
Find out from 12 concrete cases. 
With the advent of new technologies come many new possibilities. More and more manufacturers are designing connected, ‘smart’ products accompanied by digital services that help them serve customers even better and build long-term relationships. These digital services, connected to physical products, are called ‘Digital servitisation’. Learn more about it in our casebook.

Digital servitisation in your business model 

1. Need for new skills
In order to embrace new technologies, you obviously need the right people to develop and maintain them. Chances are that you will have to thoroughly expand the expertise within your company.
2. Need for a new business model 
By adding a digital service to a physical product, a company will often also change its business model. The business model changes from a one-off sale to a continuous service, with very different challenges for each department of the company. 
Be inspired & take the step
Many companies do not know how to deal with this and are afraid to take the step, risking missing out on great opportunities. We call this ‘Smart Product Paralysis’. However, there are countless success stories that show that, with the right approach, digital service can bring about major growth. Be inspired by these 12 cases of companies who, together with Sirris, sought a way through the multitude of possibilities of digital product innovation.

Succes stories

Certis ventured into digital product innovation with help from Sirris

"For Certis the main changes took place on the commercial level. Salespeople used to sell technical material, machines as well as consumables, were suddenly confronted with the sales of services." - Certis

Succes stories

Renson ventured into digital product innovation with help from Sirris

"It’s one thing to solve the technical challenges, it’s another to make sure we can get these solutions to the market. To achieve this, there is a spreading digital transformation wave going through the organization."- Renson

Succes stories

June Energy ventured into digital product innovation with help from Sirris

"While the introduction of smart metering means that a lot of unexploited data is becoming available, consumers are also changing their mindset towards greener energies and need advice on energy-related choices. Those factors combine to form a strong rationale for a data-driven energy platform." - June Energy

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