Detection of cybersecurity threats and anomalies in manufacturing

Industrial OT environments appear to be low-hanging fruit for cybercriminals. At the same time, much of the manufacturing industry is inadequately prepared for cyber threats and attacks. That's why Sirris and Agoria decided to bring together manufacturing companies in a learning network around the topic of cybersecurity in OT and more specifically around being able to detect threats and anomalies in the production environment.

Almost weekly we read in the press about attacks on industrial environments; for example the ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline, the company that manages the pipeline network that supplies fuel to much of the east coast of the US. Or the attack on Florida's water supply system, where hackers attempted to influence the industrial network so that drinking water would be poisoned.

For cybercriminals, industrial OT environments are unfortunately low-hanging fruit, and that's not surprising: after all, the study Cybersecurity in the Belgian Manufacturing Industry conducted by Sirris and Agoria shows that 64 percent of the manufacturing companies surveyed have a security policy for IT, but not for OT. As a consequence of insufficient awareness and knowledge, (we believe) 58 percent of respondents have a misplaced assurance that they are able to detect cybersecurity threats or attacks on their OT environment very quickly. It is striking and at the same time disturbing that these companies are so confident in their detection capabilities, especially since 77 percent of respondents never test their OT security.

In addition to the report, you can also download a comprehensive white paper with recommendations from the Agoria website. But we obviously want to go much further than just publishing this white paper with recommendations.

Stronger together in cybersecurity

Based on the feedback from the study, Sirris and Agoria decided to bring together manufacturing companies in a learning network around the topic of cybersecurity in OT, and more specifically the ability to detect threats and anomalies in the manufacturing environment. Indeed, significantly improving detection capabilities is in many cases one of the least intrusive ways to significantly increase the cyber resilience of the production environment.

In this programme, which consists of four workshops spread over the period of one year, the focus is on pragmatic, directly applicable tips, recommendations and experiences. So no theoretical lessons, but a hands-on approach with practical and instructive cases from the field, supplemented where possible by one or more company visits.

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