The design of our tracking and tracing station is ready! - 4.0 made real by Sirris


In its workshop in Diepenbeek Sirris is creating a new demonstrator, which will include a tracking-and-tracing station. The design for this station is finished! Discover in this blog what it will do. 

Our first design of how our tracking-and-tracing station could look like is finished. All machining cells will be provided with such station. The top tablet will be equipped with an RFID scanner by which the ins and outgoings of our kitting trays will be traced automatically. A bar code scanner will be available for registering component movements in and out of the kitting trays and the machine centres. Every station will also have a touch screen for visual management and event registration.

The design looks great! Now it’s time to build the prototype, which will test and validate all ideas and technology.

Building block: Transparent shopfloor

This article is part of our ‘4.0 made real by Sirris’ campaign, illustrating the feasibility of 4.0 technology in industry. Want to know more? Visit our landing page or LinkedIn page!