Design for Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM) is a feasible alternative for the manufacturing sector. Now the initial hype is behind us, it is clear that AM has great potential for high quality production. But how to get started? Successful applications start with a design made for the technology. Together with Sirris you can find out about the opportunities and advantages provided by AM. We can guide you through the complete design process step by step.

Choose here how we can help you with your design challenges: 


Our masterclasses are organised on a regular basis, as an open concept with different companies, or as an in-house masterclass at your company site.

  • Learn how to spot opportunities within your company
  • Learn the sweet spot in design for additive technologies
  • Learn the fundamentals and characteristics of more than 10 AM technologies
  • Discover specific design for AM software tools
  • Redesign and discuss your own case by applying the gathered knowledge 

Are you interested in our masterclasses? Send us an e-mail and we will keep you informed.


  • Help you to identify opportunities within your company
  • Assist you during the design for AM process / (design for function/design for manufacturing/design for post-processing)
  • Assist you with implementing (design for) AM (in all its facets) in your company
  • Let you make use of our diverse AM machine park to benchmark/validate your AM designs/products
  • Teach you how to use specific (design for) AM software tools
  • Teach you how to handle increased complexity within your design process

Involve a Sirris expert in additive manufacturing and/or design to support you when and where you need support to launch your first AM products and production.


  • Great idea for AM, but no design capacity or knowledge?
  • Not the right software tools to create the needed design? 

You have a great idea, but no resources or expertise in-house to develop it. Call upon Sirris to develop your idea in close collaboration with your development team.

As an inspiration and starting guide, you can now read our e-book "Design on additive manufacturing: a feasible methodology". 

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Together with Sirris you can find out about the opportunities and advantages provided by AM, without having to make enormous investments. After helping you with the design process and integrating the technology in your company, we transfer our knowledge, so that you can go on to further streamline your production with AM on your own.

Read further on how we can support you in every step of your additive manufacturing project on our AM expertise page.