Design and production with lightweight composite materials

How do you (re)design products in composites made of fibre-reinforced plastic? This course, which takes place on 6 and 7 May 2019, focuses on making the right choice of materials, structural design, knowledge of the possible production processes and the way of assessing the manufactured product.

We will provide you with methods for the application of plastic composite materials in your own work. You will gain insight into the behaviour of the materials, the durability and the costs of producing a finished product.

You will also receive clear guidelines for making your own, easily producible design. This is illustrated by examples of correct and incorrect use of composites in practice and demonstrations of production processes.

The course setup is generic and is suitable for all markets and products. It is open to participants from Belgium and the Netherlands, and is organised in collaboration with PAOTM (Post-Academic Training Technique and Management). The teachers come from industry, research institutes and universities in both Belgium and the Netherlands.

Want to know more about this two-day course? Practical info and the program can be found in our agenda!