Demo for making robot automation more accessible

Belgian start-up Pick-it wants to make automation with robots more accessible by allowing them to ‘see’ and is therefore organising a demonstration of its vision system using Sirris’ infrastructure. 

Pick-it wants to make automation with robots more accessible for everybody. This is done by giving the robots eyes so that they can ‘see’ the objects around them. This makes them not just smarter, but also easier to use in flexible, human working environments. The operator can set up the machine themselves so that they don’t have to go to somebody else for every single small adjustment each time. It’s also possible to integrate Pick-it systems into production facilities at the end customer.


Pick-it is an easy-to-use solution using a 3D camera for localising the position of the objects and components near the robot. The robot can grasp individual components, then move, manipulate and work them in an automated process.

The product consists of three components: a 3D camera, software installed on an industrial processor and a web-based interface. The 3D camera sends images to the processor. It then processes the images and identifies the position of the components. With the user interface it is possible to set things up to identify what the components look like by describing the shapes or by showing an example object to the camera. The coordinates of the objects that have been identified are then sent to a robot. The robot can now ‘see’ the location of the objects and then move, process or stack them for example.


Throughout the day on April 23, Pick-it will be giving exclusive demonstrations using Sirris’ robots at the Leuven location. Those present will be able to explore the possibilities using the various applications. Everybody is welcome to pay a visit between 17.00 and 19.00 and see the robots with the Pick-it systems in action. Registration is on the Pick-it website.