Dedicated day to SMEs at Patent Knowledge Week

Do you want to know what patent information can do for you? When and how to outsource your SME's IP resources? How to perform a patent search yourself? In need of some inspiring success stories? Sirris invites you to a new conference on patent information, to which we make a contribution. Registration is free.

Patent Knowledge Week, which replaces the annual EPO (European Patent Office) Patent Information Conference, is a new four-day digital event that promotes the dissemination of patent information and the creation of patent knowledge.

Taking place throughout the week of 2-5 November and thanks to its digital format, Patent Knowledge Week is aimed at patent information specialists, but also at a new and perhaps less experienced audience, such as SMEs. Anyone wishing to base their future decisions on a good understanding of patent knowledge is likely to find valuable information.

In particular, the first day of the Patent Knowledge Week will be dedicated to SMEs by addressing topics such as

  • The economics of patent information
  • Main lessons learned from a series of innovation case studies
  • Performing a prior art search and extracting basic patent statistics with Espacenet - case study
  • Performing a technology watch and freedom to operate study with the Global Patent Index - case study with a medical device company
  • Survey results: what are the barriers and success factors when using patent knowledge?
  • When to operate from within or use external experts for your patent information needs?
  • Trend monitoring - how to do it yourself?
  • Usefulness of unitary patents for SMEs

The Sirris Patent Cell will see you on 2 November at 2.10 pm for a session dedicated to PATLIB Centers, the services they can offer you and how to decide whether to do your patent searches in-house or call on experts.

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