Reach your business goals with data and AI
No matter which industry you are in, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is drastically changing it. This brings new challenges, but also a world of opportunities. By leveraging the power of data, the EluciDATA Lab at Sirris will help you to future-proof your processes, services, or products and increase your competitive edge. Let’s join forces and connect the opportunities of AI to your business objectives.


A wide range of possibilities also for SMEs
Data and Artificial Intelligence are no longer the exclusive domain of billion dollar tech companies such as Facebook and Amazon. AI also offers a spectrum of new possibilities and opportunities for smaller market players and SMEs. Think product and customer profiling, machine performance monitoring, or business process optimisation.

Nonetheless, it is not trivial to gauge how your business may benefit from AI. For that reason, the EluciDATA Lab at Sirris can give you all the inspiration, advice and support you need. Even if you are only just about to embark on your data project, we can help you reach your company’s goals with AI — no matter what sector or niche you operate in.

Is there business potential in your data? Is your data innovation idea feasible? And which technology is most suitable to tackle your business challenges? Our experts will help you to answer all these questions, but do not stop there. You can count on their full support throughout the implementation of your project, up to and including proof-of-concept realisations.
How can we help you?
  • Identify and validate business opportunities via feasibility studies
  • Realise a proof-of-concept for your specific use case
  • Act as a sounding board for your R&D team
  • Launch innovative R&D projects in collaboration with you
  • Work together to find the right service providers
  • Share knowledge through Mastercourses and AI Starter Kits

For which companies?

Companies focusing on product innovation
Are you making software or physical products and wanting to create new revenue streams by analysing usage data? We can help your business push the boundaries beyond dashboarding and machine monitoring. The EluciDATA Lab at Sirris will help you enhance your product design, performance, and functionality, or develop additional services. 
Companies focusing on process innovation
Do you manage industrial production processes and want to increase efficiency, improve quality, or optimise planning? We can help you minimise downtime, automate business processes, and optimise machine configuration. Using the latest insights on AI and data, we will help you to future-proof your processes for Industry 4.0
Companies focusing on service innovation
Are you a service provider intending to automate and scale up your services? Sirris will help you generate new revenue streams through relevant data insights and knowledge-based recommendations. You can build on our expert advice, from feasibility study to proof-of-concept. Our AI specialists will act as both a coach and a sounding board for your R&D team.

AI Mastercourses

For those who want to gain more insights and knowledge about Data and AI, we offer various Data Science and AI Mastercourses. These industry-tailored courses, webinars, and workshops are open to any entrepreneur interested in developing Data and AI solutions, and curious about the opportunities it can offer to industrial companies.


Gain inspiration and knowledge

What can AI do for your business? Participate in our introductory webinar ‘Understanding what Artificial Intelligence is about’ to gain knowledge and inspiration. This interactive session is aimed particularly at SMEs with limited previous experience in data science or that are only just embarking on their data journey. 

Find out how data innovation works

Gain more insight into the different steps of the data analysis process. Our Mastercourse Cycle ‘Data innovation beyond the hype’ will provide you with practical training and webinars on the ins and outs of data-driven innovation and AI. This course consists of four modules, each focusing on different steps in the data innovation process. 

Solve a specific business challenge

Are you looking for state-of-the-art insights on data and AI to tackle a specific industrial challenge? If so, our focus modules are definitely the right fit. In these interactive sessions, we will explore the possibilities of using data science and AI to solve a particular business problem or to take on new challenges in your sector.  

AI Starter Kit Platform

Perhaps you want to explore the world of AI on your own. Our digital AI Starter Kit Platform offers the possibility to gain hands-on experience with different AI-based solution methodologies, applied to several industrial cases. Our Starter Kits use practical examples to illustrate how data science and machine-learning methods are used and combined with each other in a data-driven methodology. 

Identify your Starter Kit

One set of Starter Kits focuses on practical industrial challenges such as remaining useful life estimation or resource demand forecasting. Other Starter Kits zoom into specific techniques used in the various steps of the data science process, including advanced data visualisation, data exploration, and time-series preprocessing.

The AI Starter Kit Platform allows you to get started immediately in a ready-to-use interactive environment, supported by intuitive video tutorials. Do you need additional support? Subscribe for one of our ‘Bring your own data’ workshops, in which we get you started on how to apply the AI Starter Kit solution on your own problem setting.

What are the advantages?

  • Validated AI methodology for industrial applications
  • Embedded in a ready-to-use platform, supported by video tutorials and complemented with additional training courses
  • Interactive format, illustrated by real-world datasets

Stories from entrepreneurs

Read how other companies have implemented AI successfully with Sirris’ support.

To optimize the power production of PV plants, 3E uses a data-driven solution to identify the effects that cause production losses in an early stage and quantify these production losses.

Stories from entrepreneurs

Read how other companies have implemented AI successfully with Sirris’ support.

Thanks to AI and data-driven analytics Materialise can help healthcare professionals to give more relevant advice on patient movements.

Stories from entrepreneurs

Read how other companies have implemented AI successfully with Sirris’ support.

Sirris and Televic built a dashboard and alarm system for nursing staff. The dashboard indicates the current status, rehabilitation level and progress of the patients and alerts nurses when a patient explicitly asks for assistance.

Stories from entrepreneurs

Read how other companies have implemented AI successfully with Sirris’ support.

ILIAS Solutions provides a technological platform for organisations that manage a large fleet of mobile and complex vehicles deployed worldwide. The most important component of this platform, I-UMS, is a smart device that can be mounted on a wide variety of vehicles. This device continuously monitors the use of the vehicles via various sensors (for example, accelerometer, gyroscope, etc.) and the vehicle’s CANbus interface, and can integrate the data generated by the vehicle itself. It can send the collected data to a server once the vehicle comes close to a specific communications antenna.

Join the Sirris EluciDATA Community

Keep up with the latest developments and trends in the world of data and AI, and join our Sirris EluciDATA Community. Membership will allow you to have access to a unique network of colleagues, partners, and experts. Together, we can help you find solutions to specific business challenges a lot more quickly.

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Be the first to learn about emerging technologies
  • Free access to two community events per year
  • Unique interactions with colleagues experiencing common challenges
  • Collaborate with others in joint R&D projects

A proven industrial track record in data-driven AI

As the collective centre for and by the technological industry, Sirris is committed to stimulating data innovation among Belgian companies. Our expertise lies in data-driven AI. This means we focus on industrial use cases and technological challenges which are difficult to solve via straightforward application of traditional AI algorithms.

Most often, this is due to a mismatch between the strict requirements these algorithms impose on the data, and the characteristics of the data that is actually available in real-world settings. We rely on our extensive experience and creative mindset as data scientists to exploit the data in clever ways and address such challenges.

By joining forces with the Sirris EluciDATA Lab, you will have direct access to a core team of 20 data and AI experts, all with extensive expertise in solving real-world challenges with advanced data science and AI methods, and a proven track record in realizing data-driven proof-of-concepts in diverse industrial application scenarios.

Ongoing projects

Be inspired by some of our ongoing projects in various sectors

DAIS - The pan-European project DAIS is bringing faster, more secure and energy-efficient data processing solutions through the development of edge AI software and hardware components.

Ongoing projects

Be inspired by some of our ongoing projects in various sectors

AI4DETAIL - The aim of AI4DETAIL is to accelerate the introduction of expertise in collecting and exploiting data on products in the field to a broad target group of companies. This is done by building up and transferring knowledge, such as by organising master classes and inspiring seminars, offering a technological experimentation platform, organising interactive ‘bring-your-own-data’ sessions and setting up company-specific projects.

Ongoing projects

Be inspired by some of our ongoing projects in various sectors

Futures By Design helps SMEs in regions of lower economic success in the North Sea region to use data analytics to innovate, grow and increase productivity.

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How can we support you?

Are you interested in data and AI but don't know where to begin? Have you hit a technological challenge? Or do you have another question? Get in touch with us. Our Data Innovation Program Manager, Elena Tsiporkova, will be happy to help you get started.