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The Crisis Code Cracker: Three steps to increasing business resilience

We help your company to become more resilient.

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Crises such as the COVID-19-pandemic, Brexit, climate change, globalisation, ... are significantly affecting how businesses are run.

Every business manager is looking for answers: How do we respond to these crises?

Sirris can help you find the answer! We guide companies towards the right decisions, provide practical assistance and share our expertise and years of experience in the industry and in innovation.

Crisis Code Cracker is a 3-step action plan for both large and small companies, which Sirris has designed specifically for the technology industry.

Process ?

Step 01

Search for relevant information

We assist you in mapping your options to ensure you take the right decisions.

Step 02

Specifying the options

Receive practical recommendations and plan realistic scenarios.

Step 03

Build resilience

Let us quide you and start making your business crisis-proof!



We start with a non-binding exploratory meeting, which you can book by simply filling in your e-mail address. We will contact you for a meeting.


Crisis Code Cracker - Interest - en

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Further information?

Together we can crack the code to make your business crisis-proof!

The Crisis Code Cracker is an initiative open to all interested companies. We can offer this concept for free to West Flemish companies, thanks to POM West-Vlaanderen's support and relaunch plan. Sirris is closely following up initiatives concerning relaunch resources for the entire Belgian technology industry.

With the support of:

 Provinciale ontwikkelingsmaatschappij West- Vlaanderen Provincie West-Vlaanderen