Corrosion and fouling in a maritime environment

Corrosion and fouling are two major problems affecting all commercial activities in a maritime environment. Assets degrade and need continuous monitoring and maintenance to avoid large scale problems. On 1 April, The Antwerp Maritime Academy organises it’s 2nd International Symposium on Corrosion and Fouling to address these issues and talk about the most recent developments in the field of protection against corrosion and fouling.

At the symposium, Sirris will present some insights gained from the work performed in the NeSSIE project. This European project revealed that offshore windfarm owners are starting to investigate the possible added value of corrosion monitoring. The goal of NeSSIE is to transfer knowledge from other sectors to the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) sector. However, on this particular topic, there may be an opportunity to also transfer knowledge the other way around.

Corrosion monitoring of ORE structures is still in its infancy and manual inspection will likely remain necessary in the near future. Still, a number of lessons have already been learned in a search for the economic potential of corrosion monitoring. By sharing what the ORE sector experiences and inviting the maritime sector to do the same, further development of the potential benefits of continuous monitoring may be accelerated.

Other topics that will be discussed during the symposium and on which the symposium will allow you to sharpen your knowledge are:

  • What is maritime corrosion and how can we fight it?
  • What is maritime fouling and how can we fight it?
  • Insights in maritime corrosion with attention to microbially induced corrosion (MIC)
  • Extending the lifetime of coating systems by professional application
  • What is coating-friendly design?
  • Innovative survey methods
  • Biofouling and the marine ecosystem
  • Influence of biofouling on ship performance
  • Biocides and legislation, national & international

All talks are aimed at a wide audience of industrial and scientific background alike. The objective is that this symposium is accessible to everybody with a sound interest in corrosion and fouling in a maritime setting.

Further information can be found on the symposium website.