The Solar Car : Belgian hightech technology

With renewed motivation and an even better (if possible!) solar vehicle, a new Groep T team will take a shot at first place in the World Solar Challenge in 2011.  Once again, they will receive the support of the Belgian business community. As in previous years, the experts at Sirris will be making a contribution to this effort.


Led by Thomas Sterken, sixteen students from the Louvain technical college Groep T will represent Belgium for the fourth time during the World Solar Challenge in Australia. Once again, the vehicle promises to become a shining example of Belgian hightech technology. During the development and completion of the solar vehicle, the students will be receiving the necessary support from several coaches who worked with previous teams, both from Groep T as well as many partners from the industry and Sirris.


Sirris as support

During the previous editions of the challenge, Sirris provided advice in the design, choice of materials and realisation, and in doing so, made machines, know-how and technological experts available. Given Sirris’ position and broad knowledge, the team’s experts will again be able to assist in making the most suitable technological choices. In concrete terms, this means that the Sirris Leuven Composites Application Lab (SLC-LAB) will offer support in the choice of materials, design solutions and testing activities. The experts in advanced manufacturing will lend assistance with the analyses for the production feasibility for the vehicle (FMEA), among other things. The additive manufacturing department will be responsible for the production of spare parts in (alloys using) titanium. 


In sync on the road to innovation

Sirris’ cooperation on this solar project is no coincidence. The Solar Team-project is a perfect example of the possibilities that technological innovations offer, and will undoubtedly serve as a source of inspiration for other young talent. The solar vehicle and the project will once again be the focus of events involving renewable energy in order to, together with the partners, make the general public aware of the opportunities that are available, and to get young people motivated about technology. Sirris encourages innovation and the use and development of environmentally-friendly technology. It also aims to support young people in their choice for technology.


Not only can Groep T count on Sirris, but other Belgian companies interested in taking on the international challenge by using knowledge and innovative technology may also contact Sirris in this regard.  


We wish the new Solar Team the best of luck!