Component testing

You can count on us for testing aspects such as the service life, environmental effects, corrosion behaviour, leak tightness and UV resistance of your components with our customised tests. These test configurations are developed to represent real use conditions of metal, plastic and composite components.

Some of our specialties:  

Bicycle test facility 

We evaluate the liability of bicycle wheels, saddles, frames and forks at our cutting-edge test facility.


    • EN 14764 (adult bikes)
    • EN 14765 (child bikes)
    • EN 14766 (mountain bikes)
    • EN 14781 (racing bikes) 

Bicycle wheels


Polyethylene pipe testing

Gas and water distribution system operator Synergrid requires all PE welders to be tested and certified annually. Stringent guidelines apply to these test welds: all tests, peal tests for welds on sleeves and tensile tests for mirror welding must be carried out in an ISO 17025-accredited test lab, with the proper equipment. The lab has to be able to deliver an in-depth, substantiated report with the results.

Our lab in Liège complies with all of these requirements, and can even provide the results within the shortest possible turnaround time. 

Certified for:

    • ISO 13953
    • ISO 13954
    • ISO 13955
    • ISO 13956

Several training centres for welders have signed a framework contract with Sirris.


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