Coatings infrastructure

Want a coating tailored your needs? The Smart Coating Application Lab offers a wealth of possibilities for applying high-quality coatings to a wide range of products and substrates, with an approach customised to meet companies’ needs.

The lab is kitted out with a new hybrid PVD/PAVD device for vacuum deposition – a Flexicoat 850 developed by Hauzer TechnoCoatings. Thanks to its unique modular structure, this device can use a number of different deposition technologies. It is a semi-industrial machine consisting of six arc cathodes and two magnetron sputtering cathodes in a closed field line configuration. Moreover, one of the cathodes is fitted with a PID-regulated voltage control that facilitates stable reactive processes for depositing oxide layers. The second magnetron cathode is equipped with HiPIMS (High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering) technology.

HiPIMS and closed field magnetron sputtering enhance the ionisation of the sputtered material, resulting in denser, more uniform coatings and better adhesion. If necessary, all the devices can be used at the same time.

Using industrial-size equipment eliminates the need for upscaling to industry-feasible applications. Vacuum deposition can be used for:

  • metallic coatings;
  • ceramic coatings;
  • carbon-based coatings;
  • smart, durable, decorative, non-stick or non-reflecting coatings, and others besides.