Off-highway (mining, construction, agricultural, forestry, defense,…)

Climate chamber testing in automotive is not new. Vehicles for example are tested for cold start, window de-icing, and the air-conditioning is validated for hot temperatures in climate chambers worldwide. Similar testing needs occur in for the market of large and heavy vehicles (off-highway vehicles). In order to perform such tests a large climate chamber is needed that can cope with the dimensions and associated weight of the test specimen. Also specific test auxiliaries and large cooling power is needed.

off-highway, construction and mining temperature tests

The typical tests carried out in our climate chamber include:

  • General performance evaluation in extreme cold, hot and/or humid conditions
  • Defrosting & defogging performance test of cabs (icing tests)
  • Thermal stress test on components
  • Hydraulic actuator tests
  • Engine after treatment cold start validation / NH₃-Urea defreeze testing
  • Vehicle cold soak testing – cold crank and/or cold start-up testing
  • HVAC system performance testing with or without solar IR load (ISO 10263)
    • ISO 10263 (Earth-Moving Machinery – Operator Enclosure Environment)
    • ISO 14269 (Tractors and Self-Propelled Machines for Agriculture and Forestry – Operator Enclosure Environment)
  • Full environmental testing defense applications: 
    • NATO STANAG 4370 
    • AECTP 200