Aerospace and radar applications

Aircraft and space applications are also subjected to extreme temperatures and large temperature changes during in-flight conditions or when parked at airfields worldwide. Extreme limits and large temperature differences pose certain design and reliability challenges to components and sub-systems used in airplanes, helicopters, drones and spacecraft’s. 

Single parts, subcomponents or complete systems can be tested and validated in our large climate chamber especially for cold climate. Small aircraft, helicopter and drone drivetrains can be tested for cold start-up and hydraulic systems can be checked for leakage for example. Large landing gears can be functionally tested for cold and icing conditions due to the large dimensions. Also prototype de-icing systems and anti-icing coatings can be validated in the test lab due to the presence of ice-spray guns that can be used in the climate chamber. 

The large dimensions allow customers to test full systems as drones, helicopters, radar systems, shelters and satellite equipment.