The challenges and opportunities of data sharing across complex industrial value chains

Next to enabling new data-driven business models, data allows one to acquire new insights to optimise production processes, predict machine failure, profile product usage or set up data-oriented start-ups. However, having access to data and/or collecting it might not always be trivial, and one of the main obstacles to further advance in regard to data-driven innovation remains data sharing. On 30 May Sirris is organising a seminar (in English) aiming at showing the potential of data sharing to enhance industrial innovation.

Data sharing in an industrial context is complicated. Especially in sectors where complex value chains are in place (e.g. in manufacturing, logistics, energy, maintenance), access to data is not always possible for every stakeholder. Does a company selling a set of industrial machines to its customers own the data or are the customers allowed to have a full control of the data produced by their machines? The answer is that it depends on the context and on the relationship between the different players in the value chain that have sometimes evolved historically.

  • In some cases, the customer is the owner of the data generated by its machines and is not willing to grant the original machine manufacturer access to this data. The customer will probably fear that data analysis will reveal issues with machine usage, which might impact guarantee and maintenance agreements.
  • In other cases, the machine manufacturer might invoke its IP rights in order to shield a large portion of the data from the machine owner, claiming that the analysis of such data might be used for reverse engineering. The revenues generated thanks to the additional services those manufacturers can offer due to the data are not negligible though.

These are some of the examples illustrating tensions across the different stakeholders in the value chain related to data sharing, that have been identified in the context of the EluciDATA and OWOME projects.

On 30 May Sirris is organising a seminar aiming at showing the potential of data sharing to enhance industrial innovation. This seminar aims to provide an answer to the following questions through firsthand testimonials by companies across several sectors:

  • What are the major technological, legal and business challenges related to data sharing?
  • How are these challenges addressed in different application domains (e.g. energy)?
  • What is the potential for new technologies as for example blockchain in this domain?

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