Brussels Initiative on Cybersecurity Innovation promotes collective innovation in cyber security technology

Thanks to the SeCloud project, Sirris became aware of the potential of collaborative innovation in different areas of cyber security. This is how the Brussels Initiative on Cyber Security Innovation (BICI) originated in collaboration with partners of the strategic platform SecurIT. This operational initiative is intended to promote and advance collaborative innovation in the field of cyber security.

Originated from SeCloud

The global strategic platform SecurIT, an Innoviris initiative set up in 2015, launched five cyber security projects, including SeCloud, coordinated by Sirris, which studied security issues in cloud computing. The platform brings together 15 research groups from the academic world and a collective research centre for the Sirris industry, in order to promote interaction between the two worlds. In doing so, it created a unique opportunity for cyber security innovation in the Brussels-Capital Region.

New operational initiative

The contacts that Sirris was able to make during the project, both in the industry and the academic world, made it aware of the potential of collaborative innovation in different areas of cyber security. On this basis, Sirris, together with the SecurIT partners, launched a new initiative aimed at promoting and advancing collaborative innovation in cyber security: the Brussels Initiative on Cybersecurity Innovation (BICI).This new initiative is located in the Brussels-Capital Region, is open to partnerships at national and European level and is committed to promoting cyber security technologies and their conversion to the industry, based on industrial capacities and needs.

Cloud security patterns
Sirris Cloud Security patterns  To support and facilitate cloud SaaS application developers in designing  a secure and legally compliant cloud SaaS application, we define the security patterns and produce the security best practices and security knowledge documentation that SaaS developers can use as a guideline for developing cloud SaaS applications from the ground up. The work on patterns covers different security aspects, from system and data security to privacy. For more information, you can go to the Coud Security Patterns website