Bosch Scharnieren one of the first to apply QRM

BOSCH Scharnieren was one of the first to apply QRM in 2007. This Dutch company processes 1200 to 1400 orders a year for 500 or 600 different products, whereby each product comes up on average 2.5 times.

BOSCH Scharnieren was struggling with long delivery times and often had to tell customers that a product would be delivered later than planned.

Once the main flows on the work floor had been charted out using value stream mapping, work cells and their needs were defined. During a three-day shutdown, the routing was adapted and machines placed in clusters. With POLCA* - an element of QRM - a colour coding system was implemented to map the new working method visually. The flow of production orders between the cells is now controlled by POLCA-cards to minimize production units overlapping on the work floor. Any disruption is signalled immediately, so a production flow can be diverted. This approach results in low stocks on the work floor.

Thanks to POLCA, Bosch Scharnieren has been able to improve its delivery performance and lower delivery times from 6 or 8 weeks to 4 or 5 weeks. The reduction in inventories on the work floor has resulted in a major costs saving. Apart from that, employee satisfaction has increased noticeably.

*POLCA: Paired-cell Overlapping Loops of Cards with Authorization