Prior art search is different from patentability with regard to its aims, its method and the time at which it should be conducted.

Sirris has taken part in a number of prospective workshops organised by Forem, the Walloon Public Service for Employment, and aimed at defining the technology scout’s profession.

The pricing of a product has a large influence on the sales revenue and the profit. Surprisingly, research shows that a more accurate cost estimation does not automatically lead to a higher profit.

Many companies wanting to make their products smart and connected are looking for the right development approach. There is no such thing as a golden bullet. Together with Fraunhofer IEM and with the support of VLAIO, Sirris has set up a collective research project: AddSmart. The project aims to develop a practical guide to help companies get started with the conceptual development of their smart connected product.

Cryogenic cooling during machining stands for machining at very low temperatures. This has advantages both for tools made of heat-resistant materials, where the heat can be high during machining, and for the machining of softer materials, which will flow more easily during machining.

Almost 10 years after the introduction of cryogenic machining, a lot of research has been conducted on this technology, its application and pros and cons. However, despite the positive results, the step to the industry does not seem to be so obvious. High time to present this interesting machining method in detail in a short blog series, of which this is the first one.

Hygienic design of robotic automation solution helps food companies to eliminate the risk of microbial contamination. In a four-part series of articles, we zoom in the best hygienic practices to design robotic automation solutions. In this third part we outline some general principles for hygienic design.

Nowadays, many companies understand the power of data on their products and services. By intelligently exploiting data from their products, they are able to improve business operations & processes, enhance the design of their products and create service offerings complementing their existing products. This can only be achieved with trustworthy, qualitative and accurate data. Sirris wants to tackle the challenges by setting up a new project.

Solid carbide endmills are the most commonly used tools in almost every machine shop. Process engineers are always concerned with productivity gains by reducing the tooling cost, machining time and bring down the cost per part to increase the margins. The selection of the machining conditions either rely on the experience of the operator or the recommendations from the tool manufacturer. In spite of all efforts, hitting the sweet spot or getting the part first-time-right is still challenging. Though complete mastery of the dynamics of milling process is difficult, some insights on tool geometry would definitely help.

The USPTO has launched a platform to facilitate connections between patent holders and potential licensees of key technologies associated with the coronavirus.