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RenewAire is an American company that specialises in energy recovery ventilation units for the residential and commercial property markets. The units are available in more than 20,000 ready-to-use product configurations. A stone’s throw from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where the QRM philosophy was developed by Professor Rajan Suri, RenewAire was one of the first companies to have adopted it.

How far are companies with their Industry 4.0 implementation? Does the economical slowdown impact the execution of digitalisation plans? And how can our government support industrial growth? Share your opinion and experience by participating in the Flanders Make's survey!

Cowboy’s e-bike enters the European market this year. The company worked together with Sirris on the e-bike design as well as standardised and customised testing.

Sirris is making its 3D printing skills available to help life by participating in a project to develop a polymeric prosthetic heart valve and is strengthening its skills in the development of printed medical products.

Sirris is actively collaborating in the organisation of the 5th Symposium of Additive Manufacturing and the Metal Industries to be held on 17 October 2019 at Charleville-Mezière in France.

Sirris is active in several competitive clusters in Wallonia which group companies and actors around promising economic fields: Mecatech, Skywin, Biowin, Greenwin.

Within the 4.0 made real demonstrator we’ll use innovative, but commercially available IoT technology. We’re very proud to welcome the Belgian IoT engineering company Reniver as our partner to create a transparent shop floor, using their newly developed ‘4.0 platform’.

Offering mass customization whilst remaining cost competitive requires a seamless integration from design to manufacturing. Within our new 4.0 pilot Twikit has accepted this challenge by integrating their innovation cloud platform, linking watch design with manufacturing system.

Are you an innovative startup who wants to make its business grow? You can find an answer to all your questions during EEBIC's workshop on 19 September. Sirris will be there too, during the pitches.