The digital economy is driven by hyperscale and microcare. It is absolutely essential that we offer scalable online services which take over tasks from consumers and/or business users, while also being user-friendly. We wanted to know the opinion of decision-makers about this and spoke with Nadja Desmet, founder of and Someflex and elected 'West-Flemish promising SME of the year'.

Patents can teach us a lot about the history of technologies.

The WIPO is collecting insights from businesses on a document setting out issues posed by AI in the field of intellectual property.

European Member States launched a cross-border market surveillance campaign in 2019 in order to evaluate the conformity of 'intelligent' household appliances with legislation relating to these products. The conclusion is that it would be wise to raise awareness of the specific legal requirements for integrating wireless connectivity within a product.

During a half-day masterclass, the pioneer of the QRM philosophy Rajan Suri will make a more in-depth exploration of POLCA, an alternative for Kanban. POLCA has been especially developed for high-mix, low-volume and custom-engineered products, for which Kanban systems are less well suited.

Patent applications by female inventors are still too few and there lies an underexploited potential for innovation.

The new mastercourse ‘The opportunities and challenges of fleet-based analytics’, on 27 January 2020, will provide practical techniques for analysing fleets of machines.

There is much ado about artificial intelligence and machine learning, but what is relevant for you as an industrial? The next in-depth session of the mastercourse ‘Data Innovation beyond the Hype’ takes place on 5 March 2020 and will focus on several state-of-the-art machine-learning approaches that have successfully been applied in industry.

The INPROVOL project concerning the reliability of electronics concluded recently. You can now familiarise yourself with the software tools, guidelines and methodology that arose within the scope of the project thanks to a dissemination initiative issued by the project partners.

Looking for a technology for creating very small structures? The laser pulse duration with femtosecond laser technology is so short that the material does not have the time to heat up and immediately evaporate, so that protruding edges do not arise.