When a company innovates, it may find itself up against a patent from a competitor that has a monopoly on the relevant product or process. How can you avoid being blocked?

LED lighting is currently breaking through in various branches of the lighting industry. This type of lighting is powerful, economical and has limited dimensions. For a more efficient production, femtosecond laser technology can be used.

WIPO revises and adopts a broader perspective on artificial intelligence as well as expands its remarks on copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, etc.

Hygienic design of robotic automation solution helps food companies to eliminate the risk of microbial contamination. In a four-part series of articles, we zoom in the best hygienic practices to design robotic automation solutions. In this fourth part we outline some specific principles for hygienic design for robot systems as specified by 3-A Sanitary Standards.

COVID-19 next to the drought and water shortage are two of the most recent disruptive events that hit our society and economic reality. Concerning COVID-19, social distancing, sudden decreased demand and - for many companies - a lack of supplies had a large impact on manufacturing activities and income. For water intensive processes the pressure on water consumption increases. In this series of blogposts we unravel the circular economy, connecting theory with practical examples and best practices.

A new way to administer painless medication is to use plasters with microneedles. However, the production of this plaster is not yet perfected. Sirris and KU Leuven have investigated whether an injection moulding process could be used to produce these needles in large quantities and at a very low cost.

The scope of the European Pressure Equipment Research Council (EPERC) is to promote discussions among all the interested parties on subjects for which the theoretical approach is not yet ready for the definition of a European standard, asking for the support of the European Commission in case research activities are deemed necessary to arrive at a reasonable solution.

The BOIP has just added the option to create an NDA online linked to i-Depot.

The WIPO is launching a new online service that provides tamper-proof evidence of the existence of any electronic file in any format at any given time.

Hyperscale and Microcare are the most important drivers of the digital economy. The focus is on digital services which are scalable while also filling in the job-to-be-done of consumers or business users in a customer-focused way. Marion Debruyne, dean of Vlerick Business School, presents her vision.