Your passion and Sirris could be the perfect match! Sirris is continuously looking for new talents to boost the workforce. We are currently looking for several specific profiles for different departments.

Because of the reinforcing mechanism of silicon alloyed cast iron along with the combination of additive pearlite-stabilising elements, a type of cast iron has been created that no longer has the most significant negative properties of Si alloyed cast iron: i.e., breakages caused by the brittleness on exposure to shock loading.

In increasingly more production halls, man and machine are working side by side. A recent US study presents the current situation and extensively examines various use cases, to shed light on this relatively new technology.

Fast growth demands proper supervision. This is certainly the case for scale-ups and their founder teams. Digital growth enterprises can benefit from support from a Board of Directors or an Advisory Board.

The many years of research together with, and supported by, our industry resulted in a new initiative of the Sirris Data Innovation team: with all your questions and challenges you can now address the Data and Artificial Intelligence Competence Lab. The kick-off takes place on 17 September.

In times of global competition, offering added value through your products is an important strategy to stand out among the crowd. This can be achieved in several ways and some options are just a perfect match for the circular economy concept: by extending the life cycle of products, by means of reuse, repairs ... companies can cash in on added value and deploy their resources to the maximum.

Sirris opens new possibilities to additive manufacturing businesses by enabling them to test 3D printing of polyurethane.

The protection of innovation through patents is seeing rapid growth. Example at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Based on Agoria figures, Sirris compared the economic performance of the companies it helped innovate over the past three years with the entire technological industry. Conclusion: when companies work together and innovate, they perform significantly better than their industry peers. A tendency which we are more than happy to support.

Functional surfaces add value to products, making them more competitive. These surfaces can be achieved with coatings, by applying structures or by a combination of both techniques. There are a huge amount of options. Sirris shows you this potential in a new e-book that is now ready for you to download.