Thanks to the awareness of the collaborative innovation potential across different cybersecurity domains, gained through the SeCloud project, Sirris will set up, together with partners from the strategic platform SecurIT, Brussels Initiative on Cybersecurity Innovation (BICI). This operational initiative will promote and advance collaborative innovation in cybersecurity.

To stay one step ahead of the competition at a global level, supplier to the automotive industry JTEKT is investigating whether its production can be further improved using smart optimisation. It had three feasibility studies performed for various tasks within its production.

Miniaturisation is a challenge for the Healthcare sector. Sirris is supporting a company in the development of a fluidic microdevice for extremely accurate blood analysis, to be used at the patient's bedside.

Sirris is studying the use of natural fibre composites under different aspects: moulding, assembly, quality control. The results are very interesting.

If you have questions on particular aspects of intellectual property, Sirris has produced relevant videos for you!

On 23 October, Sirris is opening a brand-new ‘Product Development Hub’ at its site in Liège. The agenda includes some testimonials from industry describing what the Hub can mean for companies. One such company is JTEKT Torsen.

The Flemish government is again releasing € 3.5 million for ‘industry 4.0 living labs’. You can also take advantage of this! Network and Information Systems (NIS) security and cybersecurity are necessary for many existing and future services, from industry to government, although much remains to be done. This living lab deals with the practical application of the NIS directives for the security of industrial communication networks via AI.

The Flemish government is again releasing € 3.5 million for ‘industry 4.0 living labs’. Blockchain is proving to be a promising technology for providing validated, reliable and secure data. For the living lab ‘Security, Privacy and Trust by design with blockchain for industry 4.0’ we will look at a new business model within industry 4.0, in which there is both a high degree of interconnection and an inherent need for the exchange of valuable data. Are you with us?

Google has launched a new interface to access public data.

How to read a patent, especially the claims, and how to interpret them as an engineer and not as a lawyer or patent specialist.