Researchers of the Dutch Delft University of Technology have performed R&D icing and low temperatures tests on a new de-icing technique in OWI-Lab’s climate chamber. These tests will help them to further develop a de-icing technique based on ns-DBD plasma actuators.

The Optiwind SBO project consortium partners and their event partner OWI-Lab are holding an open meeting on 2 December about offshore wind. The gathering is being held at Siemens PLM Software in Haasrode. Six different items are up for discussion.

Thanks to the growing developments and popularity of drones, also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), the role they play in existing applications such as inspecting wind turbines is set to become more significant and grow.

On 10 and 11 December, Windpower Monthly, the news magazine of the international wind energy business, will hold its yearly ‘cold climate wind energy conference’ in Helsinki. OWI-Lab will be there too, to present a speech.

Flanders joins the European ERANET+ project call Demowind. OWI-Lab helps you with your application!

The white paper focuses on problems that wind turbines can face in cold climates. This document is partly based on knowledge obtained by the laboratory from tests in its climate chamber in the Port of Antwerp since the chamber was opened in 2012.

Operations & Maintenance (O&M) represents almost a third of the total lifetime costs of an offshore wind farm. The market keeps growing with the number of wind farms. On 17 December, the consortium partners of Optiwind and their event partners OWI-Lab and Gen4Wave will be holding their open project meeting. The focus will be on real life experiences in O&M.

During the event "Flanders: leading the way in renewable energy technology" on 7 October, Generations, the innovation platform for renewable energy technology in Flanders, presents a few success stories of projects by strategic initiatives, such as OWI-Lab. Also on the agenda are two technology watches on grid integration and battery storage.