Why compete for the highly coveted Factory of the Future Award?

On 2 February 2017 we will once again be handing out the Factory of the Future Awards. The Award is given to Belgian companies in recognition of their achievement over the previous years in becoming a proper Factory of the Future. They do this through the realization of seven future-oriented transformation domains. You open many doors with the Factory of the Future Award that ultimately benefit your company. Here are five reasons why it’s worth participating. 

1. Insight into your strengths and weaknesses

A team of professionals specialising in your type of business carry out a company audit.

The auditors pay special attention to progress regarding the seven transformations. During the audit they clearly analyse your strengths and growth opportunities. This gives you a transparent view of the following: Are you already on the right track? Where are the remaining margins for improvement? 

2. Motivates your employees

Previous winners can confirm the following: The Factory of the Future Award is not only good for the working atmosphere, because thanks to the Award employees take more pride in their work, which in turn leads to greater dedication and even better results. 

“The Factory of the Future Award has had an enormous impact on our employees. It has given them a boost to go even further in their search for innovation and improvements with the seven domains.”   
Stefaan Van Thielen, Continental Mechelen 

3. Expands your business network

You come in contact with other award winners from previous years, as well as experts from a wide range of fields. Therefore you don’t just improve your knowledge, but also your knowledge network. This way you create a network that remains useful for years into the future

4. Boosts your company image

During and after the award ceremony your company stands under the spotlight both nationally and internationally. You therefore not only make yourself a more attractive employer for new talent, but you also project a stronger identity within your sector.

“'Participation is considered prestigious in the media, by customers, suppliers and other companies in your sector.”   
Marc de Wind, Punch Powertrain    

5. Creates new opportunities

The media attention and image boost bring other advantages too. With a stronger brand you also raise the possibility of new business opportunities. Companies winning the Factory of the Future Award give their customers the following signal: “You are dealing with a progressive and dynamic company that is continually looking to make improvements.”

“It is an intense, but very enriching process for a company to undergo. Recognition as a factory of the future motivates both yourself and your employees to continue on the path already beaten and ensures that you are able to meet future challenges with confidence.”  
Guy De Winne, Newtec 

The sixth reason is of course its fun factor: it’s simply a great feeling to win a prize! 

Would you like to read more about the Factory of the Future Awards? Click here for information about the timing, the process and the criteria. 

Sirris and Agoria set up the Made Different action plan to prepare Belgian enterprises for becoming world class companies. We do this by making companies more aware, informing them and - principally - providing support. The support we give is based on seven crucial transformations. When brought together, they help make Belgian companies 'future proof'.