White paper on finishing near-shape components now available

Competing successfully on a world level requires a combination of a number of unique advantages, and knowing how to stand out from the crowd. Precision manufacturing offers you this possibility. At the same time, we set a number of challenges in terms of machinery, control and tools. We identified six domains in which a company can make a difference, and explore more deeply in six white papers. The third publication on the finishing of neat-net-shape (NNS) components is available through our website now.

A broad survey of the Belgian industry carried out by Sirris, OEM and Tier 1 and Tier 2 contractors identified six areas with opportunities to excel in precision manufacturing. The domain we examine more deeply in a third white paper is achieving a high-quality surface finish. 

Although increasingly more complex components can be created with near-net-shape (NNS) technologies, finishing operations remain essential for achieving the required level of precision or surface quality. New technologies such as 3D laser scanning, realignment procedures and grip solutions have brought about a connection between additive and decreasing technologies, meaning the design-freedom of the additive technology has found its way to precision components.

If you would like to read more about the finishing of near-net-shape components? Download our third white paper on precision manufacturing!

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