What makes the 'Design for Additive Manufacturing' masterclass so different?

The successful application of additive manufacturing starts with a design made in function of the technology. During the 'Design for Additive Manufacturing' masterclass, those present acquire knowledge and understanding in order to design components specifically for AM. This in accordance with a successful, specific methodology ...

Additive manufacturing (AM) has long been used as standard for the production of prototypes, but is also finding more and more applications in functional end products. In order to apply AM successfully, it is crucial to have the necessary in-house knowledge about the different technologies. This masterclass offers you a broad and detailed overview of AM technologies, their potential and limitations.

Proof of concept

The key point here - at the same time, the point where the masterclass differs from classic initiatives - is that it is organized by and for designers. This means that the course departs from the design methodology as basis and completely revolves around the formulating of cases. Anything but a classical approach, since such events are mostly not set up by designers. The masterclass is therefore not a theoretical exercise in itself, but goes only to supply theoretical knowledge to where it is needed during the design process.

A major advantage is that during the masterclass there are always several Sirris experts present, who provide immediate feedback and give hands-on guidance. Simon Vermeir, designer within the AM team at Sirris, has extensive experience in assisting companies in designing and redesigning products for AM. He will also be available during the masterclass as one of the specialists on the matter.

Simon explains our approach: "Rather than being a listening exercise, the masterclass is a mental exercise. Instead of pure knowledge transfer from a teacher to participants, the participating designers bring their own cases or ideas with them from their own business or work situation. Together we (re)design these products or components for production via AM. Each stage of the masterclass revolves completely around a phase of these cases, in order to arrive at a proof of concept. The final designs are printed on the third and final day of the masterclass on Sirris’s SLS machines. This makes it possible to critically discuss the design in the group. For the participant, the printed component is a useful aid for preaching the 3D print story in his own company and this may be the impetus for future projects.

Designers among themselves

The contents of the masterclass are thus fully determined in function of what one designs. Simon Vermeir: "Because the design of the masterclass departs from the practice and mind-set of the designer, this fits in perfectly with the work of the designers. A fact that the participants greatly appreciate knowing. The fact that only designers are present, creates a specific dynamic, whereby the work runs smoothly, one can seamlessly interact with each other and of course, learn from each other.

Knowledge and understanding

With this approach, you are able to make an informed assessment of potential production using the AM technology, so that you can now see for yourself which technology is the best production method. You have not only acquired a broad and detailed picture of AM technologies, their possibilities and limitations, but through your understanding of the various AM technologies, you will be in a position to make an informed comparison between AM and traditional production methods.

Would you like to know what switching to additive manufacturing could mean for your products or processes?

On 19 and 20 May, and 11 June 2015, Sirris will once again be giving the 'Design for Additive Manufacturing' masterclass where you can acquire the knowledge and understanding for designing components specifically for AM. This would result in you fully benefiting from the available advantages. Would you like more information about the masterclass? You can find it here!

Would you like to know what switching to additive manufacturing could mean for your products or processes?

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