Week of Miniaturisation: smaller products, greater potential

The possibilities of miniaturisation for product development appeal to the imagination. From healthcare to power supply or logistics: smaller devices provide unexpected benefits in many sectors. They astound due to their technological features, whereby they often go further than their larger counterparts. What can miniaturisation mean for your production? Be inspired during the Week of Miniaturisation, from 6 through to 10 October 2014 at the Sirris Microfabrication Application Lab (SMALL) in Seraing.

The sky is the limit

Smarter and more functional products that are smaller, lighter and thus cheaper to produce, with less waste: that, in a nutshell, is what miniaturisation stands for. Consider, for example, to a compact analysis device whereby a blood analysis can take place directly at the bedside of a patient. Or miniature sensors that monitor the freshness of food products because they measure temperature and acidity in the packaging and transmit the information in real time.

Today, dairy cattle are also remotely monitored thanks to a smart collar with minitransponder. This passes on detailed information about the movements, health and milk quality of the cattle. Yet another example: visually supported order picking systems. Instead of working with paper lists or manually scanning, order pickers see all the orders to be processed and the locations appear on a mini-computer screen in the corner of the eye of their ‘smartglasses’. As a result, they have their hands free, the work goes faster and the margin of error is lower.

Discover the possibilities together with Sirris 

During the Week of Miniaturisation in Sirris’ SMALL lab, our experts will guide you - both live and via webinars - through the possibilities of miniaturisation and microfabrication for product development in your company. Inspiration surpasses during these five high-tech days: from workshops and virtual tours to demo-sessions and fascinating encounters with innovative product developers.

Are you ready for a new generation of products? Then check out the complete programme of the Week of Miniaturisation.