Webcast: Before using a trademark, check that it hasn't already been registered!

You can save both time and money by conducting an early check to see whether a similar trademark to yours has already been registered. Sirris can show you how to use the TMview database to locate the necessary information.

If you would like to register your trademark, the first thing to do is to make sure that you're the first person to do so. It is highly recommended that you check out pre-existing trademarks before launching your registration procedure and even before making use of your trademark and, better still, before making a permanent choice or perfecting your logo design. 

Indeed, a trademark must satisfy the availability requirement: it is essential that no identical or similar mark has already been registered by someone else for the same territory and for similar products or services. You will save time and money by ensuring such verification very early. 

How to do so. The European Union Intellectual Property Office, along with national trademark offices, provide a free on-line research tool for use by the general public: the TMview database. 

The Sirris Patent Cell explains how to use this tool and how to obtain the necessary information from it (in French):



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