Webcast: How can you preserve confidential data and protect yourself against unfair competition on the part of your employees?

Marie-Eve Comblen, Deloitte, details the potential problems and offers solutions relating to the confidentiality and non-competition obligations incumbent upon company employees.  

Businesses are increasingly aware of the necessity to protect their technology, their know-how and their company secrets, and they are organising themselves accordingly. However, whilst they frequently foresee the threat from outside the company walls, they often neglect the risks that can come from within. 

A talk by Marie-Eve Comblen, Senior Legal Consultant for Deloitte, offers an insight into the obligations incumbent upon employees with regard to the protection of confidential company data. It will clarify their non-competition obligations, during and after their employment contract, and will describe the preventive and curative solutions that the company can implement against unfair competition on the part of its employees

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