Webcast dealing with CE marking of electronic products now online

Do you as a manufacturer sometimes encounter problems with premature product failure? Are the integrated electronics usually the problem? Would you like to find out more about the cause of such failures? A series of webinars are being organised within the InProVol project to inform companies about how to deal with this problem. The second webinar in the series is now online and focuses on CE marking.

In 2015 Sirris joined the project InProVol (INtelligente PROducten met VOorspelbare Levensduur, or Intelligent Products with Predictable Lifetime). The project aims to set up a structured and well-considered development process of the electronics contained in ‘intelligent’ products. It provides a methodology allowing manufacturers to verify the service cycle of electronic components. Products with integrated electronics hereby become more reliable and last much longer, which gives them a competitive advantage. To this end project partner cEDM developed some techniques based on failure mechanisms.

Find out more via webinars and webcasts

In order to inform companies the project organises a number of webinars, three of which have already taken place and the next one about 'Systems Engineering' is scheduled to take place on 1 June.

Did you miss one of the previous webinars? No problem, they’ll soon be online. The webcast of the second webinar about CE marking was on 2 February, and is available once again here (after having registered). This webinar goes into detail about the CE marking that applies to every electronic product introduced to the EU market. There are many questions and misunderstandings about what exactly is required and who has to be involved in the process of CE marking. During the webinar Davy Pissoort (KU Leuven) and others will clarify the difference between directives and standards, he will also explain the typical assessment procedure as well as describing the typical format for the final Declaration of Conformity.

Soon you will also be able to view online the third webinar 'Virtual Testing of Thermal-Mechanical Reliability of Electronic Systems' that took place on 6th April.

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This project was set up with the support of VLAIO.