We Need Your Feedback: What Do You Think About the Blog so Far?

Dear reader,

This blog is up and running for already a couple of months now. During all this time we think we have written about things that matter to you, the founder, the R&D manager, the business developer of a software company. We wrote about how to go from idea to software product without investing too much upfront, about making a software product for a B2B market that fits the need of very different customers without getting lost in complexity, or about funding opportunities for your R&D.

In our many contacts with many companies, these, and many other questions keep on coming back. Questions about how you build a successful software business. Questions about how to organize teams, how to manage products. Questions about going SaaS and Cloud

In order to make this blog as informative as possible for you, we call for your participation: What topics do you want us to write about? What are the burning challenges you and your business are struggling with? Which articles so far did you enjoy the most? Please use the comments below for all your feedback.

Thank you very much,

The Sirris Software Engineering and ICT team.