Universal support and clamping technology for production, metrology and assembly

A new clamping and mold clamping systems of MATRIX GmbH is perfectly designed for use not only in labs and in metrology, but also in all areas where optimum hold and adaptable mold clamping are required.

The clamping modules conform quickly to various work piece contours to form a flexible, nested fixture. When fast results need to be achieved in prototype construction or in pre-series production, a fast, flexible and easy-to-operate clamping system is required.

The perfect form fit means that minimum force is needed to guarantee maximum grip, effortlessly withstanding the forces of mechanical processing. It is especially ideal for free-form parts or parts with a sensitive surface.

Some advantages :

  • Optimum holding of complex work pieces
  • Very fast, true-to-contour holding of the work piece
  • No need to stock separate work piece supports
  • Up to 80% cost reduction in jig-and-fixture construction
  • Individual, multi-purpose and modular system
  • Easy handling and storing in the MATRIX® case

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