Unique live demonstration in Belgium of a smart factory

SmartFactory is a demonstration and research platform, unique in Europe, for manufacturing short lines in a smart and digitised context. Using this demonstrator, innovative information and communication technologies and their applications can be developed and tested in a realistic industrial production environment
(This seminar is fully booked)

The aim of the SmartFactory platform is to integrate information technologies in a factory automation. The devices and the applications of consumer electronics that already form part of our daily lives, such as tablet computers, smartphones, navigation systems and wireless communication, can enrich the traditional working methods in industry and open a way to flexible and efficient concepts in the operation of the factory of the future.

The platform includes an innovative production line, developed in collaboration with the SmartFactory partners, for the practical application of the crucial aspects of Industrie 4.0.

To demonstrate the characteristics and benefits of a smart factory, Sirris will organise a seminar on 7 November with a presentation by professor Detlef Zühlke, a German authority on the smart factory, and a live demo of this SmartFactory setup.

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