TWIRL (Twinning Virtual World Information with Real World Data Sources) Project Starts

The Belgian part of the TWIRL project was kicked off last November 19. TWIRL is a European R&D project in the context of ITEA-2 that aims to create a platform for augmenting real-world (offline) applications like traffic monitoring with knowledge extracted from virtual (online) data sources like websites, large public data collections, wikis, blogs, Twitter messages, etc.

This initiative was initiated by the Software Engineering and ICT group of Sirris. At the Belgian level, the project is funded by IWT and involves two industrial partners (Outerthough and Oxynade) and two research partners (IBBT and Sirris). The Belgian consortium will focus on research and development of the core technological components of the TWIRL platform. These include a scalable knowledge repository, characterization of data sources, and a recommendation engine. This technological contribution is accompanied by a demonstrator in the consumer intelligence domain, where “hyper-local” and “hyper-personalized” content will be delivered to users of vertical websites, i.e. websites specialized in a particular topic, like for example restaurants.

Sirris will contribute to the development of methods and algorithms for semantic entity profiling (users, events, points-of-interests, …) and multi-criteria recommendations that will allow user and context-sensitive recommendations.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about this project.