Trends and challenges for the foundry sector in the spotlight

On March 30 at the ‘Casting provides the route to tomorrow’s products’ event, the focus won’t only be on new foundry furnaces and surrounding services at the Zwijnaarde site, but also on the other initiatives for the foundry industry and consumers of foundry work. Some fascinating lectures and a panel discussion moderated by Marc Lambotte, CEO of Agoria, complete the programme.

In the keynote speech, Pierre-Marie Cabanne Sorel from Metal Technical Service will be talking about the increasing importance of nodular cast iron in the wind industry. The growth of this sector and the increase in the number of wind turbines offer significant prospects for the foundry industry and for nodular cast iron in particular. The demand for nodular cast iron is still growing every year.  Moreover, the new generation of nodular cast iron with increased silicon content has entered the European standard. In addition to improved mechanical properties, this type of material also has better machinability, allowing faster and more accurately finished pieces to be produced. 

Tim Berckmoes of Anglo Belgian Corporation will focus his presentation on developments in motor construction. Important issues include the integration of multiple components in one casting with the consequences hereof on the complexity, higher operating temperatures that require new materials and the importance of the choice of foundries. 

During the panel discussion with foundries and customers moderated by Marc Lambotte, Agoria CEO, a number of current issues will be addressed, including 3D printing as an emerging production method of components and the position of 3D production methods (e.g. 3D sand printing for prototypes and small series) in a foundry. Besides this, there will also be focus on the evolution to the foundry of the future: reliability and quality versus cost, importance of co-design and co-engineering, ... 

The afternoon will conclude with the inauguration of the new pilot foundry and a guided tour

Participation is free but registration is required. All practical information and the opportunity of registering can be found here.