Transform your company into a smart factory with additive manufacturing

Sirris and the Vlerick Business School have organised an interactive seminar for executives about how additive manufacturing (AM) can radically change your business model, supply chain and company. These industry and innovation experts offer you important insights by way of various workshops. The programme also includes a visit to one of Siemens’ smart factories in Germany, an excellent example of how to create profitable activities from new technologies. 

As a company executive, have you ever considered additive manufacturing, but don’t know what the consequences might be that could affect your business model or market share?

During this seminar specially designed for executives like you, Sirris and Vlerick Business School offer you their bundled expertise: i.e. you are given all the essential information that focuses on business opportunities within an environment of changing market dynamics.

During the interactive workshops you will learn about state of the art in AM, plus the identification of potential business models, the impact that 3D printing could have on your company and supply chain, how to implement successful innovation and disruptive technologies, and what the financial consequences could be.

Visit a German smart factory

Moreover, the seminar includes a visit to one of Siemens’ most advanced factories in Germany. The company will be introducing the position of additive manufacturing in digital factories, and how this technology is going to evolve over the coming years. Plus, how AM is being implemented throughout the Siemens Group, and the impact this is having on the business models. Mass customisation is one of the advantages Siemens has experienced with AM technologies. You will be able to discuss these issues with experts on site during our visit.

You will have plenty of time during the 2-day seminar to exchange ideas with like-minded company executives and experts.

Mark off May 19 and June 22-23 in your diary, further practical details about the seminar will follow shortly.

N.B.: numbers are limited. Don’t hesitate, register now for this very unique experience!

This seminar is organised in collaboration with

Vlerick Business School