Third Cross Border Event on advance materials encourages collaboration with the neighbours

The development and production of innovative advanced materials is well represented and economically important in North-Western Europe. TTC (Top-Technology-Cluster) wants to encourage this evolution and on September 30th is organizing its third Cross Border Event, in which companies and institutes from Belgium, the Netherlands and the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia can find new industrial and R&D partners.

The sector of advanced materials is well represented in North-West Europe and develops highly innovative products and processes. The region offers potential and opportunities for successful collaborations in materials, products and processes, as well as tooling and simulation. International partnerships are encouraged to foster innovative collaborations across borders and this through technology transfer, market access and networking together.

During the event, several workshops will be organized that provide the attendees the opportunity to actively participate in demand-driven projects with colleagues from neighbouring countries. The focus will be mainly on the technology and application of advanced materials for lightweight structures and products.

The third Cross Border Event takes place in Cercle de Wallonie, Palais abbatial du Val Saint Lambert in Seraing. Participation is free but registration is required. There is also possible to set-up a stand (2 x 2 m) free of charge during the event.

Click here for the programme and registration!