Tested and approved - our labs open their doors

Our test labs are probably one of our strengths. We do not only want to keep it like that, we would also like to expand in the future. High time to introduce you to these extended services, during a few open house days.

Sirris has several test labs spread across several of its sites, each with its own specialities. Each lab can count on specialised infrastructure and numerous experts and technicians with the necessary training and experience. A unique feature of our test labs is that they are embedded in a broader context of expertise and advice. Therefore, you can not only count on our material and component tests, tailored to your needs, but our experts will also give you the necessary explanation and advice based on the test results.

Open house

In order to allow you to get to know our experts and infrastructure (even) better, we are organising a few ‘open-lab-moments’: on 30 May you are welcome to visit our infrastructure at Zwijnaarde, with a focus on metal tests. On 8 June our branch in Seraing will open the doors to the public, with a focus on plastic tests. One of the new services is that you can also test 3D-printed pieces there. On 15 June our Antwerp site, including the largest climate room in Europe, will open its doors. More information is available in our agenda.

New website

Because our test labs have undergone a lot of innovation and expansion (infrastructure, standards and quality labels) in recent years, a completely new web page was created for these services. The new web pages give you a clear overview of our service range and options.