Ten scale-ups accelerate growth thanks to Scaleup.vlaanderen

Early November the third support group of ten scale-ups started a Scaleup.vlaanderen assessment process for innovative digital companies with a proven business model, which are on the eve of a growth acceleration.

The Scaleup.vlaanderen programme supports the scale-ups both collectively and individually with regard to different aspects involved in scaling up digital business models. They also get the opportunity to exchange experiences with other digital scale-ups and companies, which have already gone through this acceleration.

The ten participants of this generation are BrightEye, D!nk, Fullup, Idalko, Manual.to, Onlinewerkrooster, POM, Pozyx, Seats.io and Yazzoom. Each one of them demonstrated that they actually found a market for their innovative product. Experts and experienced entrepreneurs will coach them for six months to make their organisation grow.

Because scaling is a combination of both external growth (acquisition of customers) and internal growth (maturity of the organisation) Scaleup.vlaanderen focuses on both aspects. The partners who are involved, Sirris and Agoria, are very complementary in this setup.

“At Scaleup.vlaanderen we strongly believe in the principle of far-reaching expertise in combination with peer learning. Not only thinking frameworks, but also very practical hands-on solutions are discussed”, says Isabel Michiels, Innovation expert at Agoria, who plays a leading role in Scaleup.vlaanderen. “We want to give these digital scale-ups all possible tools to grow quickly and contribute to the Flemish economy.”

And our approach works as can be derived from the successes we have had in the past: participants have branches in the Netherlands, the US, Spain, France and Russia and an average of 7.7 employees.

Scaleup.vlaanderen started with support from Vlaio in the autumn of 2016 and will continue for four years.