Take a look at smart logistics for chocolate products

The 'peeping at the neighbours' initiative within the F-3 project has been given a follow-up with a visit to the Integrated Chocolate Platform belonging to H. Essers. This pioneer in logistics uses a mixture of various technologies for guaranteeing speed, quality and traceability.

F-3 and Choprabisco chose the integrated Chocolate Platform at H. Essers for their next visit to the neighbours, as the H. Essers company is a leader when it comes to logistics. The company increasingly sees itself as a service provider in packaging, labelling and value-added services and has deployed an interesting mixture of technologies for guaranteeing speed, quality and traceability. 

The company has greatly expanded its activities towards the food industry that it targets. In the meantime it has helped to set up the 'Integrated Chocolate Platform' in cooperation with the chocolate industry. Various large players in the chocolate industry have already outsourced their packaging and shipping activities to H. Essers who are able to make economies of scale and can concentrate on carrying out these activities even more cheaply and efficiently. This does not only apply to chocolate of course, but to other foodstuffs that have similar types of packaging as well. 

H. Essers will kindly open its doors for members of Choprabisco and F-3 and give a guided tour of the Integrated Chocolate Platform at Kampenhout. 

Would you like to join the visit? Click here for practical information, including the programme and how to register!