Tackle digital challenges with the Digital Journey Tracker

On 5 December Sirris and Agoria launched the Digital Journey Tracker, a practical tool to help businesses find their way in the maze of digitisation. The minister of Work, Economy, Innovation and Sports, Philippe Muyters, attended the launch.

Place to be was the Ghelamco arena in Gent, where about 200 Sirris and Agoria members gathered. Peter Demuynck, General Director of Agoria Vlaanderen summarised the issue as follows: “We are flooded with studies, books and information about digitisation. But how can you translate this to your business in practice?

“Sirris and Agoria can look back on a nice track record for everything digital”, says Herman Derache, Sirris director. “In the past month we put our heads together and wrote one integrated story, which will be used to show our members the way in the maze of digital transformation.”

And the result is just great: the Digital Journey Tracker is a guide that takes companies on their digital journey. Indeed, if you handle digitisation smartly, you have lots of possibilities to create added value for customers and stay one step ahead of the competition. Digital technologies also allow for new systems and business models.  

This was also confirmed by the testimony of Dirk De Nutte, managing director of Allied Reliability Group. He pleaded for the Renaissance 2.0. This new era will have a great impact on all aspects of our life and all of us will have to look for a new direction together. “We have to stop our linear thinking. The future is no longer an extension of the past”, he said. “Instead, we have to evolve exponentially.”

Eager to learn more about the Digital Journey Tracker? Have a look here and discover the possible transformation processes for your company!

A few images of the event are available here.