Symposium focuses on hybrid production with polymer-based AM technologies

On 5 June 2018, the International Symposium on Hybrid Additive Manufacturing with Polymers, organised by Centexbel and partners, will take place in Ghent, Belgium. Methods for combining AM with conventional processes in textiles or plastics take pride of place here.

Now that additive manufacturing or 3D printing seems to have found its way into manufacturing - either in addition to or as a supplement to conventional techniques - we can truly say that it is a promising new technology with many applications. That is why the symposium - organised by Centexbel, Sirris and UGent (University of Ghent) - will focus on polymer-based AM technologies and their applications in customer-specific and innovative plastic and textile products. Methods that combine AM with conventional processes such as FDM printing on textile or plastic products will be of central importance.

Keynotes will be provided by the German Neotech AMT company and by Bradford University.

All details about the symposium can be found on the website. More information can be obtained from Sofie Huysman. 

The symposium is being organised within the framework of the project FDM for Textiles and Plastics’.

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